Our Story

Welcome to our website, and thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are Molecule Clothing Shop, the Molecule Clothing Europe website. We sell a selection of cargo pants, cargo shorts and accessories. Our pants and shorts are made from military grade fabrics with a modern design and for a reasonable price.


The start

Our story starts 13 years ago when Pascal at the end of 2009, after a divorce and closing his publishing company, decided to go for a 3-month trip to South East Asia. While backpacking through a new and exciting world, he found back his creative energy and with his unique view on business there were plenty of opportunities to think about.

Pascal had heard of the Molecule brand, and decided to buy 2 pairs of cargo shorts and 2 pairs of cargo pants for his travels. Both served him well on the trip, and during the trip he found new energy and inspiration to make a fresh start in business. So why not focus this energy on the product that worked so well for him?


Molecule Clothing Europe is born

Not long after, he went back to the Netherlands with in his backpack a contract to become the importer of Molecule Clothing in Europe, and Molecule Clothing Europe was born. A brand-new website was build and launched early 2010.



European wide adaption and success

It turned out that the pants and shorts sold well to a wide range of people, from professionals like technicians, photographers and construction workers to managers in the events sector. We also found that holidaymakers, backpackers and festival goers quickly found their way to our website.
The buzz around the Molecule brand was clear.



A new captain

Jump forward 7 years, and Pascal decided to take a chance and change his focus to his other businesses. Werner took over the running of Molecule with continuing success.


Shoulder to shoulder

But, as happens sometimes, life took a turn for the worse for Werner and he was no longer able to run Molecule Clothing Europe on his own and decided it was time to find someone to help him through these hectic times. Who better than to ask Pascal, the man that started it all, to come and support him once more. They quickly decided to do the logical thing and put their combined effort into a fresh start.


A fresh start

Cut to today, and you find yourself on our improved website, focussed on user-friendliness, speed and ease of use. Molecule Clothing Shop is here for you to find pants and shorts with a perfect fit and made from the best quality materials that last a long time. We have big selection of different models, materials and colours available.

Our driven team will do all they can to find that one perfect pair of pants for you. We are no fashionistas, nor do we frequent Europe’s catwalks, but we do love cargo pants, and think that at least one of these timeless beauties should be in everybody’s closet.
Or even better: put it on and make a statement !

Enjoy your Molecule product, and let us know if you have any questions.

See you soon,

Team Molecule Clothing Europe.