SKU: 50005
Fit: Loose
Fabric: 100% Heavy-duty Cotton
Model: Cargo Pants
Brand: Molecule Clothing


The Ankle Busters cargo pants produced by Molecule Clothing are the most popular cargo pants we have in our range of products. The Ankle Busters have a loose fit and are made as almost every model from a very durable heavy-duty cotton. The cargo pants are washing machine and dryer friendly and don’t need to be ironed as the fabric decreases itself when wearing.


The Molecule Ankle Busters Cargo Pants

Ankle busters’ originate in an urban expression for a section of trail covered in small, unstable rocks. Laid out there for you by Mother Nature to test the strength of your ligaments. With the Ankle Busters cargo pants from Molecule Clothing, the road ahead will still be bumpy and rocky, but you’ll have some comfortable pants to face your ordeals. In case you sprain your ankle and you face-plant in the mud, you will at least look stylish while doing it.

Molecule’s Ankle Busters cargo pants have a loose fit and they hang loosely on the hips. And according to Shakira they don’t lie, so would we. When you want to tighten them up a bit, you can use the cotton waist drawstring on the inside of the cargo pants to create your desired fit.

Two seamed front pockets, two back pockets and two side pockets both sets with button-down flaps, two big side pockets with a zipper and a small coin pocket bring the number of pockets on the Ankle Busters cargo pants to total of nine. Zippers and buttons used are all made of metal.


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Beige, Black, Brown, Digital Grey Camo, Green, Grey, Jungle Camo, Orange, Woodland Camo


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